The Conservative Convention in Quebec City confirmed that Conservatives are more united than ever.
Bow River Conservative Association Bow River Conservative Association
Bow River Well Represented at Conservative Convention in Quebec City

Dear fellow Conservative,

This past weekend, delegates from across Canada descended into Quebec City for the first in-person Conservative Party policy convention since 2018 - and the Bow River riding was well represented, fielding a slate of 9 delegates as well as our Member of Parliament Martin Shields. 

If there was one single conclusion to be drawn from Convention it's this: Conservatives are more united than ever under Pierre Poilievre as Leader. We are all ready to see a Conservative government - and we know the country badly needs it. 

As your Communications Chair and member of the Policy Committee, I had a first hand glimpse into how dedicated our volunteers and grassroots members are from coast to coast in developing policy and constitution resolutions, and debating them on the plenary floor. 

The Convention proved to be an opportunity for Conservatives to network, discuss policy, pass resolutions, and affirm our commitment to working hard and getting a Conservative government into office when the next election comes around. 

It's thanks to the hard work of members like YOU that Pierre Poilievre and Conservative MPs across Canada are seeing record setting support. 

Thank you for your continued dedication to our movement - but the work is just getting started. 


JL DeCosta

Communications Chair, Policy Committee

Bow River Conservative Association

P.S. If you have the means, please consider contributing to the Bow River Conservative Association so we can continue to hold Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government to account. 

BUT! If you are not able to contribute at this time due to the cost of living crisis this NDP-Liberal government has caused, then don't even think about donating!

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