We need your help to fight Liberal censorship online
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Dear Bow River Conservative, 

Bill C-11 is the Liberal attempt at censoring what Canadians see online and on their streaming services. 


Conservatives from day one fought to fully exempt the content Canadians post on social media from these draconian rules – but the Liberal NDP coalition rejected these changes.

Bill C-11 will limit what Canadians to view and listen to, and will also harm digital first creators, limiting their success and ability to reach global audiences. 


Bill C-11 is an unacceptable Liberals attack on the freedoms of individual internet users in Canada. 

We need your help to fight censorship and protect free speech online. We can't let the Liberals seize control and mandate the CRTC to force algorithmic manipulation on social media and streaming platforms.

Conservatives believe that only YOU should determine what you watch online.

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