The Bow River Conservative Association's letter was well received by our Leader
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In a recent letter, more than 300 Bow River Conservatives congratulated Pierre Poilievre on receiving such a strong leadership mandate.

See his response below:

"Dear Board of Directors:

Thank you for your kind congratulations following my election as Leader of the Conservative Party.

I have tremendous respect for the efforts of our party’s dedicated Electoral District Associations, and I was deeply gratified to receive such a strong mandate from Conservative members. Please pass along my sincere thanks to the members and volunteers in Bow River.

I am honoured to accept the responsibilities of this new role and, along with our energized team, offer renewed hope for all Canadians.

Once again, thank you for writing and for the strong support.


The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, P.C., M.P.

Leader of the Official Opposition"

P.S. The Conservative Movement is growing across Canada, and Albertans like you are helping lead that charge. Please consider contributing to our local Conservative Association to continue proving that Alberta is the Conservative stronghold in Canada. Thank you!

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Authorized by the Official Agent for the Bow River Conservative Association