According to reports, the RCMP Commissioner made a promise to the PMO and Public Safety Minister's Office to reveal details about Canada's largest mass shooting
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Dear Constituent,


Another day, another Liberal Scandal.


This time involving Trudeau-appointed RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the Public Safety Minister’s Office (then Bill Blair).


According to reports out of Nova Scotia, Brenda Lucki pressured Nova Scotia RCMP to release details about the firearms used in Canada’s largest ever mass shooting in April 2020 to help further the Liberals’ gun control legislation. Of course, this legislation became the infamous Order-in-Council that arbitrarily banned over 1,500 variants of firearms, as well as the subsequent Bill C-21.


This report came after the Mass Casualty Commission into the shooting revealed hand-written notes by Nova Scotia RCMP Superintendent Darren Campbell alleged Commissioner Lucki ‘promised’ the PMO to reveal these details.


If these allegations are true, it is despicable. Using the deaths of Canadians for political gain is abhorrent.


Former Public Safety Minister Bill Blair denies pressuring the RCMP Commissioner. Prime Minister Trudeau denies pressuring the RCMP Commissioner. 


But the past has shown this government has been loose with the truth - denying involvement in the SNC Lavalin scandal and the WE scandal. So why should we believe them this time?


What’s worse, if Prime Minister Trudeau and Bill Blair are telling the truth, that means the RCMP Commissioner acted on her own to further the Liberal agenda - meddling politically.


We need your help to continue holding the scandal-plagued Liberals to account - and get to the bottom of investigations like this. Canadians demand and deserve accountability. 


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With Regards, 


JL DeCosta

Communications Chair,

Bow River Conservative Association

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